Religious Education Program is in needed additional personnel to fulfill a variety of positions. Don’t miss this opportunity to join to our community of adults dedicated to help our youth grow into responsible Catholic Christians.

Do you need a challenge?
Do you have time on your hands?
Are you looking for a way to serve the Lord?

Be one of Us!

CEO: The Lord
TRAINING: On the Job No experienced Needed
SKILLS NEEDED: A Willing Spirit and A love of God
BENEFIT PACKAGE: Fellowship, Community, Spiritual Growth, Service to the Lord.

“Let the Spirit Be Your Guide”

For more information please make a call:

Our Lady of the Holy Rosary's Religious Education Programs
Elementary (818)982-4248
Confirmation (818)982-4248
RCIA (818)255-2413
Seed of Kingdom (818)765-3189
Youth Ministry (818)765-3189