Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Church & Zapopan Mission


Dear Friends,

The parish of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary in Sun Valley, California, was established in 1937.

We had been present in Sun Valley before that, but as a mission. Our roots go deep in this town and in the town of San Valley and have shared in the joys and the sorrows throughout this past century.

We hope you can come visit us and share in the beauty of the area.


We are a Christian Community rooted in Biblical truths and Roman Catholic tradition and brought together by the Holy Spirit:

  • To worship and celebrate the Eucharist together;

  • To proclaim God�s Word by living our Faith;

  • and to serve God by serving the needs of one another, our community, as God call us.

  • The parish is staffed by the MISSIONARIES OF ST. CHARLES - SCALABRINIANS. They are a community of Religious Brothers and Priests committed to the pastoral care of migrants and refugees in the world. May God bless you always.


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